Tomiko Jones is busy stitching up the sails for her environmental installation, “Uncovering the West Tributary”, a one evening only event on Sept. 24 from 7-10pm along the hidden reaches of Kelsey Creek in Bellevue. Jones’ installation is funded by Bellevue’s Arts Program, through its Special Projects program with help from the Utilities Department. This public art event is the first of what hopefully will be more site-specific art events held in the Corridor.

This multi-media installation (projection, sound, sculpture) will quietly transform this forgotten wetland pond into a community reflecting pool…using it as a platform to re-imagine this forgotten wetland waterway as restored, revitalized green and open space. Jones’ temporal work not only serves to “daylight” the critical task of restoring our stream system in Bel-Red, but daylights the potential creative uses of this pioneering area.

Bel-Red is actually GREEN…and is OPEN for the business of CREATIVITY!

City Arts Magazine, Curator’s Eye: Tomiko’s Floating World by Tim Appelo, December 1, 2010

Contact: Mary Pat Byrne, Arts Specialist, Bellevue Arts Program; 425-452-4105

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