images-1Ellie and Mike Kemery
Founders, Makerhaus
122 NW 36th Street,
Seattle WA 98107
August 18, 2014
Dear Ellie and Mike,
I wanted to reach out to you to tell you how sorry I am to hear the sad news about MakerHaus closing. I know I speak for so many. You…along with your team, not only created a most innovative, inclusive and engaging 21st Century Fablab/maker space, but also galvanized our PNW design/tech community with your membership efforts, curatorial initiative, education program and social events. I am so appreciative for being a part of it as a member and supporter. I learned some much from the great relationships I forged through my involvement, from the classes I attended as well as from the collaborative model you created with MakerHaus.
images-3Am sure you are busy with the transition, but I do have some questions about what happens next. Have spoken with so many supporters who were as surprised as I was at the news. I think the news has sent some shockwaves through our close knit art/design/tech community. From my limited vantage point, I only knew of the positive impact and resounding community support for all of your programming. I, along with so many others, are so supportive of the vision of MakerHaus. If there is any way that other possible support strategies for keeping it going could be explored, I would be very happy to contribute to that effort, as I know many others would as well. Already I have heard from others brainstorming about ways of getting the support to keep the doors open. But, there is likely much more to the story. Just know…there are many at the ready to spring into action! 
Thank you for ’empowering (SO MANY) creative minds’!
With much appreciation,
Genevieve Tremblay

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