Cultural Fabric of Bel-Red

Cultural Fabric of Bel-Red, embroidery by Mariko Hirasawa, 2010


In 2009, Kate Wells Driscoll, William Riley, Heidi Stacy Ehrbar and myself created BRINC: The BelRed Incubator, a Real Estate Strategy and Analysis for a Mixed Use Redevelopment as part of our UW Commercial Real Estate Development Certificate Program study. This public scholarship project was aimed at igniting awareness and interest in the pioneering opportunities in the future business district (130th Street Station area) of rezoned the BelRed Corridor.  See full BRINC story

We learned a great deal though the process of developing this proposal. I set up the BRINC blog to further “develop” a dialogue that engages Eastside citizens, city planners and policy makers, developers, digital creatives, environmental stewards, makers and others in the creative shaping of their community and urban environment. Together, we can explore how engagement; sustainable thinking, cultural planning and real asset development can generate economic value and public benefit in Bellevue, the Eastside communities, the PNW and beyond.

BRINC: The Bel-Red Incubator: 130th Street Station site. Mixed use facility, providing workforce housing, sound recording studios/motion capture lab, street front retail and cultural amenities.

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